Dominique Labordery

My work bridges the fine line between sculpture and jewelry. Essentially, I make jewelry, but at the same time, my pieces are self-contained, wearable sculptures; unique objects, which have a life of their own.     As a result, an individual relationship is created between the object and its wearer. In a sense, two souls become connected.

Intuition is the core of my work and it is my most important instrument. Most things only emerge if you don’t think about them. Only then can an atmosphere be created that allows for leaving certain things unexplained. This is important, because it allows my objects to take on a touch of mystery. They prompt questions and invite discussion, but they can also be simply enjoyed.

I believe that beauty is about fortitude and personality. People who enjoy my work are drawn to it by the depth and materiality, and value its gravity. Maybe that’s the reason why my work is enjoyed as much by men as by woman.

My work takes time. It can only be created when it wants to be. I probably learned that from my great-grandfather, who was an artist. When he was done with a painting, he and my father used to ponder over the canvas for a long time, sometimes just adding one tiny brushstroke in the end. This supreme moment  of concentration is extremely important in my work.

With regard to form, my pieces are geometrical and clear, but their surface isn’t smooth – it is full of life. They are the result of perfect craftsmanship on the one hand, and my love for imperfection on the other.  It´s all about the tension that is created by these contrasts.

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