Dominique Labordery

My work bridges the fine line between sculpture and jewelry. Essentially, I make jewelry, but at the same time, my pieces are self-contained, wearable sculptures; unique objects, which have a life of their own.     As a result, an individual relationship is created between the object and its wearer. In a sense, two souls become connected.

Intuition is the core of my work and it is my most important instrument. Most things only emerge if you don’t think about them. Only then can an atmosphere be created that allows for leaving certain things unexplained. This is important, because it allows my objects to take on a touch of mystery. They prompt questions and invite discussion, but they can also be simply enjoyed.

I believe that beauty is about fortitude and personality. People who enjoy my work are drawn to it by the depth and materiality, and value its gravity. Maybe that’s the reason why my work is enjoyed as much by men as by woman.

My work takes time. It can only be created when it wants to be. I probably learned that from my great-grandfather, who was an artist. When he was done with a painting, he and my father used to ponder over the canvas for a long time, sometimes just adding one tiny brushstroke in the end. This supreme moment  of concentration is extremely important in my work.

With regard to form, my pieces are geometrical and clear, but their surface isn’t smooth – it is full of life. They are the result of perfect craftsmanship on the one hand, and my love for imperfection on the other.  It´s all about the tension that is created by these contrasts.



29.11 – 2.12 – 2018

Steenhouwersvest 34a



21.10.2018 – 20.1.2019

Grande Halle des Anciens Abattoirs

17/02 rue de la Trouille

7000 Mons – BE




International fair Handwerk & Design Munich

represented by Galerie Zufferey – Tactile


08.6 – 10.6 – 2018


Eunique 2018 – Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre



MESSE BASEL SEP 21 22 23 24

TRESOR 17 contemporary craft

represented by

Galerie Annick Zufferey – Galerie Tactile


my secret garden earrings black silver diamond emerald

in loving memory ring black silver antique emerald ring

my garden ring white gold emerald

the sea ring silver aquamarine tourmaline labradorite

family diamonds wearable object black silver diamonds




25 ans Gallery Orféo

Gallery Orféo

28, Rue des Capucins

1313 Luxembourg

dots ring white gold tourmaline

wall object wood acryl

fotograaf Frederik Vercruysse

one white gold champagne colored diamond

everlasting ring black silver different stones

frost pattern earrings silver hematite

tereza ring silver agate

iro earrings white gold agate

iro earrings silver agate

bohemian ruby ring silver ruby


eruption wearable object silver agate corian

steely sky wearable object silver agate corian

the play of light upon water necklace silver agate

festival earrings silver agate

duo copper rose ring silver agate

offshore island ring bronze crystalized azurite

rose rouge ring silver agate

ring object silver hematite on granite disk

iro ring silver agate

black box wearable object corian agate

festival earrings silver agate

the art of giving…





Galerie Annick Zufferey

Place des Charmettes 1

1227 Carouge – Genève





Gallery Orféo

28, Rue des Capucins

1313 Luxembourg

lines ring black silver quartz

plex necklace silver platinum diamonds

capri seaside & hillside blackened silver topaz

stippen necklace blackened silver leather




Art jewelry exhibition at Eva Maisch´s gallery

Sterngasse 5

97070 Würzburg

terra air water necklace quartz copper silver white gold aquamarine

Las obras de Dominique Labordery trazan un línea muy fina entre la escultura y la joyería…


see the groove edition in different finishes…


iro earrings white gold dark silver agates

Susy Ciacchini has created a very beautiful exhibition of my work at her gallery in Luxembourg.

hana ring white gold dark silver moonstone

weight necklace fine  silver leather

weight ring fine silver

focus arm disk silver

Focusing on the concept of weight, polarizing materiality and size.


C_C edition brooch silver powder coated

Initianally, I created this brooch for a client diagnosed with breast cancer.

I chose the red color because it draws attention. It’s  the first color noticed by the eye and it’s the essence of femininity.

one silver diamond

saphire festival earrings silver white gold

grey dust ring silver agate

greys waearable dark silver agate

catching the sun ring object dark silver agate


snow brooch agate corian magnet

shade ring dark silver agate

ara ring dark silver lemontrin

when the leaves come falling down wearable object silver agate

nature wearable object silver agate

wall object wood acryl

fotograaf Frederik Vercruysse

the spirit of mahla mixed media

fotograaf Frederik Vercruysse



Dominique Labordery zeigt Schmuck-Arbeiten im Umfeld von Motiven internationaler Fotografen


she loves paris commissioned work brooch silver diamonds


plex rings silver platinum gold diamonds

For the 75th anniversary exhibition of the Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst, I made two rings. Have a look…

2009 Innovation Award

Inhorgenta Europe, Germany I Design podium I Platinum Prize

Die Jury war beeindruckt von der Schlichtheit der Oberflächenbehandlung, die einen coolen und unprätentiösen Zugang  zu Kostbarkeit und Understatement von Platin bietet. Quadrat & Kreis – die Grundformen, unterschiedlich tragbar, sind elegant kombiniert zu einem Platinring mit einer minimalistischen und zeitgenössischen Aussagekraft.

Read the press release.

The Emotional Side of Platinum…


tsure necklace silver

Group exhibition at the Museum für angewandte Kunst Köln

tulip rings silver black chromed

Tokyo lights necklace silver white gold tourmaline ruby rhodolite iolite garnet amethyst almandine

The view on the city from a rooftop bar in Marunouchi inspired me…


e_ring gold fine gold




INSPIRATION LAB 2015 – curated by Mirko Borsche

Inhorgenta München



Museum of Arts and Design New York

MAD about jewelry 2014

Monday, October 6 to Friday, October 10

2 Columbus Circle

New York, NY10019


tulip rings silver gold

as you choose ring object fine gold fine silver copper

e_ring silver fine silver

curves ring silver black chromed

attention acryl on canvas 120 x 160

Dialoog tussen vorm en materiaal…


burning desire wearable object blackened silver pink synthetic zirconia

iro cube wearable object silver agate corian

Camille wears Chain dark charcoal colored silver

autumn ring dark silver agate

Dominique Labordery est née en 1962 en Belgique, où elle obtient son diplôme de designer au St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp . Depuis plus de vingt ans…


iro necklace silver white gold agate

purchased for the Learsy – Buchsbaum collection usa

just me wearable object silver amethyst corian

me and my virtual me ring object silver amethyst and amethyst print

first snow last year

You can read the interview about me and my work with Reinhold Ludwig in the first new “old” Art Aurea, it’s more of an art book than a magazine…



burnished ring dark silver agate

dawn wearable object silver agate corian

gk wearable object blackened silver agate

festival earrings champagne gold agate

mystère ring silver agate

for haider wearable object dark silver agate corian

plex flexible brooch silver

pli flexible brooch silver

pdl flexible brooch silver pearls

pdl flexible brooch black chromed silver onyx

pdl flexible brooch gold tourmaline

garden of eden ring gold tourmaline